What We Do

Music is the universal language of the Earth. It brings together every single one of us and creates an immense happiness in us that nothing else can match. We believe that everybody deserves to experience the magic of music, and we have taken it upon ourselves to share this magic with as many people as possible.

International Music Education Center Canada (IMEC) is a non-profit organization that inspires the public to learn music, make music with others, embrace the music of different cultures, and become a part of the music community. We make this possible by providing the resources necessary to learn the art and by hosting events that inspire a greater appreciation of the art.

Absolutely anybody in the community is welcome to learn with IMEC. It doesn’t matter what nationality, education, skill level or family you come from—as long as you love music.

We are currently in the process of creating our first ever music festival for the public: the 2017 IMEC International Musical Arts Festival, held on October 1–3, 2017, in Ontario, Canada.

Following our festival, we will be opening brick-and-mortar music centres with music classes, students and teachers, instrument practice rooms, band rehearsals, summer camps and areas for socialization.

As of 2017, IMEC has been approved by Service Canada to run the Canada Summer Jobs program. With this endorsement, we have created opportunities for Canadian students to contribute to the community, become stronger leaders, hone their work ethic, and gain meaningful work experience in IMEC.

It is our dream to see the appreciation of music across nationalities, organizations and families. As members of IMEC, we pour our hearts into making music accessible and enjoyable to everybody in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission consists of four goals:

  1. To promote the international exchange of music culture, music education and performing arts;
  2. To inherit the outstanding musical culture gene of all the nations of the world;
  3. To develop the values of Canadian multi-cultures;
  4. To promote understanding among the nations of the world to create a peaceful human environment.