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Day 1 – Our Opening Ceremony: Bands & Dance Groups

Be uplifted by talented, handpicked bands on the grand opening of the International Musical Arts Festival. The freedom to cheer, sing along and clap is all yours.

The grand opening of our 2017 International Musical Arts Festival features uplifting music played by well-known bands and dance groups. On this day, we are holding a contest that will yield the following awards:

  • Top three Best Performers/Groups – Voted by all audience members
  • Favourite Performers/Groups (3) – Voted by our artists

Audience members will receive a physical voting ballot upon entering our venue. You will have the opportunity to select your top three artists and to submit your ballot when exiting.

October 1, 2017
6:45 PM – 10:15 PM

City Playhouse Theatre
1000 New Westminister Dr, Thornhill, ON L4J 8G3


  • VIP Seats (Row A, Row B5-B20): $88
  • Row B1 to B4, B21 to B24, Row C-F:
    Adults: $50
    Seniors/Students: $40
  • Row G- N:
    Adults: $40
    Seniors/Students: $30Artists/Groups

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  • Fraoich (Songwriter, Solo Performer) – Contest
  • Shanty Sweets (Songwriter, Live Band) – Contest
  • Blush (Live Band) – Contest
  • King West (Live Band) – Contest
  • KlezFactor (Live Band) – Contest
  • Jonathan Michael (Live Band) – Contest
  • Bahiyya Bellydance Group (Belly Dance) – Contest
  • Sheng Life (Classical Band, Taiwan) – Guest Performer
  • Jerry Zheng (Sheng Solo) – Guest Performer
  • Dakini Laughter (Dancing Group) – Guest Performer
  • Jermaine and Saint “O” – Guest Performer
  • Manling Dance & Art Studio (Classical Dance and Bangbang) – Guest Performer
  • Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. (Bolly Wood Dance and Nut Cracker) -Guest Performers


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Day 2 – Classical Vocals & Orchestral Music

Feel what it is like to be serenaded by Toronto’s revered choirs. Sit back, listen, and relax as your stresses melt away.

The second day of our 2017 International Musical Arts Festival features classical music played by individual artists and choirs.

October 2, 2017
7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

P.C. Ho Theatre
5183 Sheppard Ave East, Scarborough, ON M1B 5Z5


  • VIP Seats:$88
  • Row D-H:  Adults: $50.00,  Seniors and Students: $40.00
  • Row I-M:  Adults: $40.00,  Seniors and Students: $30.00
  • Balcony:  Adults: $30.00,  Seniors and Students: $25.00

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  • Angelica Di Castro (International Pop-Classical Singer, Italian Community)
  • Mete Tasin (Opera Singer, Voice Teacher,  USA)
  • Melisa Malatesta (Soprano, Italian Community)
  • Yun Wu (Vocal Professor, Chinese Community)
  • Kanru Xu (Lute Solo, Taiwai)
  • Sheng life (Taiwan)
  • Ivgeni Kriger (Saxphone Solo, Barrier Ontario)
  • Chinese Folk Ensemble (Er Hu, Lute, Dulcimer, Sheng)
  • Ai Yue Philharmonic Arts Centre
  • Tsinghua Alumni Performing Arts Group
  • Yangtze River Performing Arts Group
  • IMEC Blue Space Choir
  • VIP Guest Performers

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Day 3 – Closing Ceremony: Awards Show Concert

Be surrounded with the voices of esteemed, well-known singers on the final day of the International Musical Arts Festival and support local budding artists at our Awards Show.

The third day of our 2017 International Musical Arts Festival features unique performances by fan favourite artists of the first day.

October 3, 2017
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Isabel Bader Theatre (U of T Campus)
93 Charles St West, Toronto, ON M5S 1K6

Adults: $30.00
Seniors and Students: $25.00

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Winners of our contest on Day 1 will perform on this day. Additional artists include:

  • Angelica Di Castro (International Pop-Classical Singer)
  • Mete Tasin (Opera Singer, Voice Teacher,  USA)
  • Melisa Malatesta (Soprano, Italian Community)
  • Leo Zhou (Singer, Chinese Community)
  • Ivgeni Kriger (Saxphone Solo)
  • Fraoich (Songwriter, Guitar Solo)
  • River Jazz Band(Live Band)
  • Mariachi Los Gallos (Live Band)
  • Kanru Xu (Lute Solo, Taiwan)
  • Sheng Life (Classical band, Taiwan)
  • Winners from Day 1

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