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2017 Sponsorship Package

赞助项目建议书 (中文版)

We are currently seeking the sponsorship of organizations to support our 2017 International Musical Arts Festival. Any group looking to have its brand promoted at our festival will benefit from this opportunity.

If you would like to sponsor us, please view our options on this page. When you have decided on an option, you may proceed with our process by clicking the link below.

Start Sponsorship(赞助请点击这里)

For our $50.00, $200.00 and $500.00 options, no personal meeting is required—your logo, biography and advertisement will be received in our form below and posted within a week. You are still welcome meet with us for further information.

For our $750.00 options and above, a personal meeting with us will be scheduled for you. This meeting will help us understand your promotional goals and tailor our options to suit your needs.

If you would instead like to donate to our festival without having your brand promoted, please follow the link to donate below.

Donate to Our Festival(为艺术节捐赠)

Our Sponsorship Options

Please note that you are not restricted to our suggestions. You may choose to support our festival in any way you would like, whether it us offering a free performance, donating baked goods, or simply allowing us to use your logo on our promotional materials.


For more information regarding your benefits and negotiation, we invite you to contact us.

In creating our partnership, recognizing and fulfilling your needs is our priority. On behalf of our staff and artists, we greatly appreciate your generosity toward us.

Name: Wendy Ding, Director
Tel: (416) 388-6929
Email: sponsors@imecmusic.ca