Our Team

The International Music Education Centre (IMEC) Canada was founded by Wendy Ding’s family in 2016.  Wendy is currently working as a Senior Bridge Engineer in Ministry of Transportation, Ontario.  Being a bridge specialist, she aspires to build bridges among cultures by using the material of music.

As of Spring 2017, IMEC has successfully been approved by the Government of Canada in establishing the Canada Summer Jobs 2017 program. As a result of this approval, eight highly talented university students have been hired to work full-time as Activity Coordinators to create the 2017 IMEC International Musical Arts Festival.

We are very excited to showcase the high level of innovation and thinking of our eight Activity Coordinators at this year’s festival.

In the future, IMEC plans to establish the following committees for the community to take part in:

  • IMEC Executive Council;
  • IMEC International Music Academic Committee;
  • IMEC International Music Education Committee;
  • IMEC Global Artists Alliance;
  • IMEC Teaching Center;
  • IMEC International Exchange Division;
  • IMEC Symphony Orchestra;
  • IMEC National Orchestra;
  • IMEC Administration and Human Resources Division.

Join the IMEC International Music Education Committee

IMEC is currently recruiting applicants to join the International Music Education Committee. If you would like to be a part of this opportunity, please click the link below.